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Turghun are a mixed race, being a combination of Daine and Hotai, and many are born to the unions of Hotai chiefs or warriors and captured Daine slaves. Many die young in the dens and caverns of their kin, reviled by their Hotai relations yet unable to get away from them. Some do eventually escape, and they often find their way to a town or queendom of Daine, or a settlement of other Turghun. Some live peaceably enough among their Daine relations and they make very fine Hotai trackers and Troll fighters; but many are unsociable enough that they are turned out from home and often live alone or in small bands of rovers. Of those that live alone, they often inhabit the verges of civilisation -- away from villages or towns, in the wilds. Most live in caves or hide shelters; but some have taken to living under bridges, for they've found that bridges are a fine source of travellers to waylay.

Physically, there is little difference between a Turghun and an ordinary Daine. Their teeth are generally more crooked and larger in size; their eyes are often yellowish and they usually have broader, flatter noses and rougher voices. Their hair, which is generally allowed to grow in locks, is generally far coarser and almost never braided. Turghun are usually rather stouter and more robust of build and a little thicker in the face, which tends towards snoutishness. In height, the vast majority don't quite reach to the six foot or more average for Daine, but some grow rather taller indeed. These are quite impressive in battle, and few Orc hunters of any kind will assay one-to-one combat with such a fellow.

Here is a part of the story of Iarag, a Turghun who recently escaped from his Hotai father's clan holding. After wandering some time, Iarag has found himself in a strange place indeed! A kind of roadhouse where all kinds of people the like of which he's never encountered before are resting from their long journeys...

Iarag nearly jumped from the bench he was occupying by the far wall: "What is that noise!?" He has never heard noises like this before and he wondered what it could mean --- only in the deepest tales of terror and the Dark from out of the Old Days is the word music ever mentioned. It is a deep magic wielded by the Enemy. A thing to be feared, because it can only mean nasty folk that want to kill and maim are nearby!

"Steady now lad!" one of the patrons says, trying to calm him. "No need to get all worked up!"

Iarag settled back down on the low bench and let the sounds wash over him as he mastered his fear. Clearly there were no Teyor warriors ready to burst through the door and seize him! The weird Daine girl who kept watching him intently had gone from the place, so it wasn't her doing. No other enemies were to be seen, so the strange sounding music was something that required more thought.

The rhythm of the thumping drums was reassuring, however. Those were familiar sounds --- the sounds of war and tramping boots; of defense of home and fending off enemies eager to slay and destroy. The other sounds --- those were more disconcerting. Where did I hear those before? he thought as he wracked his memory for the answer.

Many thoughts raced through his head in that instant: "Must be the magic of zuuruqan that's getting to my head!" he said at last. "It makes me feel all fuzzy, like there's bees buzzing in me skull."

But that kind of warbling noise --- that sounded more like the nasty singing of birds. Where did I hear that before?? "Birds?" he wondered aloud. "Yes! Birds! Wait. No it wasn't birds, but something like birds. Where did that idea come from...? Magic must be getting to me! But yeah, that bone whistle Durg my sister had when we were little. Before she was --- before Father snapped her neck for being weak and making strange magic!" He spat the words out, the hatred for his Hotai father burning in his eyes. "It made zuuruqan like the singing of birds. Yes, much like the singing of birds."

He took the whistle from the pouch again and held it before him. He had made it some time ago, and was never quite certain why he's done it. It was made from the long slender bone of Durg's wing, and wondered about it. How can such a thing as this make noises that so bestir the heart? Maybe there is magic in this? Maybe zuuruqan is not just a dim recollection of ancient lore after all... Could it be a magic even a half-breed Hotai could wield?
Christmas Cosmology
This is a depiction of one of the cosmologies current in The World in the guise of a great Yule Tree standing in for the mighty Irminsul. The tripartite zones of Yeola, also known as Gea --- Under World, Middle Earth & Over Heaven --- are depicted centrally. The lands and seas, mountains and rivers of earth rest upon the hidden riches of Under World, where lie the Seven Gems. Upon the great Yule Tree itself are the Seven Fruits. Surrounding earth is the sphere of Over Heaven, inhabited by Sawel (the Sun), Selanna (the Greater Moon) and Wesara (the Lesser Moon) and the known planets: Rencuestero or Welkan, Tarianne or Turmo, Dirarello or Estarea, Ashayere or Ares, Ceres, Marathandare or Mardouc and then Nenurta.

Beyond the circles of earth lie the vast aethers of space beyond. There are the Seven Stars that form the Crown of Heaven as well as the myriades of brighter or dimmer stars, the Great Red Cloud (a nebula) and a couple distant galaxies.
Teach Me How to Count!
Little Rethia has discovered that learning to count on his fingers and toes is much more fun when big brother Appovostê is the teacher!

Daine have a peculiar system of counting that involves the use of all their fingers and toes. The simplest system, and it looks like the one little Rethia is learning, is vevaseryo, or twenties. Daine having five digits on each hand and foot, so this is a very convenient system. Start with the little toe on your left side and count inwards: minnos, eryon, nellon, embro and lastly, pancon, the left big toe is five. Then do the same with the right toes: cantos, yacuen, lindo, sendlos, boadhos. Your right big toe is ten. Make sure you hold your big toes out separate from the others so you can keep track! Then move to the left fingers: tolcyen, rondo, ereson, forestos, querenos and hold your left thumb out separate! That's fifteen. Finally, shift over to your right fingers: dromo, endron, calcas, orson, vaseryo and that's twenty! This one is very handy for relatively small quantities of things.

Another system is called ninellovas, or sixties, and is in reality an extension of vevaseryo. Start out as above until you reach "twenty". You should have both your thumbs and big toes pointing out separately from the others. Then, continue on the remaining toes and fingers (starting always with the left little toe) from twenty-one to thirty-six. Each time you get to the fourth digit, pair it, slightly crossed, with the big toe or thumb next to it. Then go back again to the left little toe and start up with thirty-seven through forty-eight. Make sure the third toes & fingers are grouped together. Then start again with forty-nine through fifty-six. Now, you should have only your two little toes and two little fingers sticking out separate from the rest. Finish up counting with fifty-seven through sixty!

What a Brother Won't Do
"Ow! Ierennio! That hurts!"
"Look, Rethia, I can't even begin to get your hair braided until I wade through all the birds nests you've got up here!"
Ecuvinese Trireme
The ecuvinese trireme is a kind of ourticon or jellyfish that inhabits the seaweed beds of the Ocean of Sunset. Unlike most ourticons, the trireme is able to float above the waters of the ocean. By means of a kind of bioelectric electrolysis it is able to fill its swim bladders with hydrogen. A smaller set of bladders on the underside of the trireme are filled with air and serve as floatation bladders which keep the animal at the water's surface. Attached to the bladders are two undulating lateral fins that are used for propulsion in water and a dorsal sail that is used to change direction. Not a very apt swimmer or flier, the trireme relies largely on ocean or air currents to move from place to place.

Triremes hunt small fish and shrimps that inhabit the same seaweed beds. It uses the ability to hover in the air to stage surprise attacks on prey animals. When prey is detected by its tentacles, it releases toxins that stun and immobilise the fish. Once the prey is immobilised, the trireme will vent hydrogen and sink into the water to retrieve its meal. It will then return to the surface where it begins to feed.

Several kinds of seabirds try to prey upon triremes, just as they prey upon other kinds of ourticon. Larger birds may get away with a meal, though smaller ones might be surprised by an electric shock. Sea turtles also feed on ourticons of all types and seem to be unaffected by either the stinging toxins or the electric shocks.

Triremes are not very effective fliers and are certainly a nuisance when they are blown over land. They can float or fly into buildings and attack people or animals. Their electric shocks are sufficient to kill a small child or dog; the toxic stings can easily kill a cat or make a child very sick. They can lead a community on quite a chace, especially when a whole flock of triremes are stranded ashore. Even when dead, though they may no longer shock, the toxins remain in their stinging nettles and people and animals can still be injured. A further risk, especially in wooden structures, is the risk for fire: once the bladders dry out and begin to burst, any stray static spark can ignite the hydrogen within the bladders. Lastly, triremes are very messy to clean up if they become stuck to walls, ceilings or furniture in a building. The ooze and jelly that their bodies are made of is very sticky and hard to clean.

Coastal communities near trireme habitats often construct special hoop nets made with very sheer and light fabric in order to easily catch the floating nuisances. Handle lengths vary from perhaps one foot to four feet in length and are made from a long strip of wood that has been split and bent around into a hoop shape and the handle is wrapped with cane or rattan.


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